40 Kenya Wedding Venues/Grounds

An ideal place to celebrate the wedding ceremony, and the reception, should cater for the couple, the family and friends’ needs. Major factor to look for include the space, quality of service, proximity to other places the entourage may visit during that day as well as the cost constraint.

Below is a list of wedding venues or locations in Nairobi and some well known ones in Naivasha. Included are the contact details and rates that they charge for the grounds in 2012. (Still working on it and havent finalised). I will be updating the rates on a yearly basis. (The list is in no particular order of importance):-

1. Safari Park Hotel and Casino


- Location:It is located about 30 minutes by road from the city center. It sits off  Thika Highway giving easy access from Nairobi as well as from the central part of Kenya.

- Contact Details: 020 3633000, 0722205683, 0733333713

- Rates: They don’t offer wedding grounds alone but a complete package starting at Kshs 1800 per person.  Check out the site for details: http://www.safaripark-hotel.com/?page=wedding-packages

2. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

windsor golf country club wedding

- Location: Its located along Kigwa Road, off Kiambu Road, along the Northern Bypass, and it presents extensive open space for a garden event with the old English architecture forming the background.

- Contact Details: 020 8647003/4, 0722 203 361/2/3/4, 0733 333 217/8

- Website: http://www.windsorgolfresort.com

- Rates: Described below

* Garden Pond location – hosting 150 people at a cost of Kshs.60,000 (exclusive of the setup, food and drinks)

* 10th tee location -Most popular. Hosting 1500 people at a cost of Kshs. 120,000/- (exclusive of the setup, food and drinks).

Lake View location: Intimate setting, set right next to the lake, accommodates upto 300 people at a cost of Kshs.80, 000/- (exclusive of the setup, food and drinks).

* Kigwa View location: Set next to a dam, accommodating upto 500 people at a cost of Kshs.100, 000/- (exclusive of the setup, food and drinks)

3. Karen Blixen Coffee Gardens

karen blixen coffee gardens

- Location: It is situated in the posh Karen estate in Nairobi and can host about 200 persons

- Contact Details: +254-20-88 21 38, 254-20-88 2130, 0733-616 206, 0722-848 043

- Website: http://www.karenblixencoffeegarden.com

- Rates: I called the place and they told me the grounds go for 185,000 ( i hope i heard that right). They require 80% deposit to secure the grounds.

4. Lukenya Getaway-

- Location:It sits at the foot of Lukenya Hills in Athi River. It is a serene environment away from the noise of the city.

- Contact Details: 0727 880488 /0736 880 488 / 0736 987 190

- Website: www.lukenyagetaway.com Email: info@lukenyagetaway.com

- Rates: Contacted Lukenya and they told me that they NO LONGER offer their grounds for wedding functions

5. Bomas of Kenya

- Location: It is located in Langata about 10 km from the city. Ideally, a cultural nuptial ceremony would fit this venue especially since it has numerous cultural villages representing each Kenyan community.

- Contact Details: 020 8068400 / 020 2603896 / 020 2022426 / 891409

- Website: http://www.bomasofkenya.co.ke/

- Rates:

6. Utalii Hotel

utalii hotel wedding2

- Location: It is located along Thika Highway about 25 minutes from the city center. This venue offers both indoor and outdoor reception space.

- Contact Details: 020 8563540, 020 8561201/2/7 /,0722 205891/2, 0722 205492, 0733 410005, 254-2-8563540-6

- Website: http://www.utaliihotel.co.ke/

- Rates:

7. Maro Gardens

maro gardens wedding

- Location: It can host between 10 and 500 people either indoors or on the lush gardens. It is located off Magadi Road a short distance from the Bomas of Kenya, between BrookHouse & Banda School

- Contact Details:  0729 43 63 23, 0734 83 38 54

- Website:  http://www.marogardens.com

- Rates: Called and they told me the rates will be 55,000/= for the year 2013. You pay 25k to book the grounds.

8. Zen Gardens

zen garden wedding

- Location: It rests on over two acres of land, and boasts of two restaurants and a conference hall. It is located in Spring Valley. Very beautiful place

- Contact Details: 0714 744 231, 0737 744 231, 020 803 4445/6

- Rates:

10. Naivasha Sopa Lodge

naivasha sopa lodge wedding

- Location: This lodge offers lush green environment with dozens of acacia trees. It is located on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

- Contact Details: Contact Office - Peponi Plaza, Peponi Road Tel:+254-20-3750235, +254-20-3616000, Fax: +254-20-3751507,

- Rates:

11. Naivasha Sawela Lodge

salewa lodge wedding

- Location: It is located on the shores of Lake Naivasha, about an hour’s drive from the capital city.

- Contact Details: Contact office: 4th Floor Corner House, Mama Ngina/Kimathi Street: TEL: +254 20 221 4960, Cell. +254 723 423129 / 733 751 118, Website: http://www.sawelalodges.com

- Rates: They charge 50,000 for the grounds. They require 50% downpayment

12: Enashipai

enashipai wedding grounds

- Location: It is situated in the Great Rift Valley along the shores of Lake Naivasha

- Contact Details: Booking Office: 7th Floor, Prosperity House, Westlands Road | Physical Address: Moi South Lake Rd, Naivasha | Tel: +254 20 3592627 | Cell: +254 713 254035 W: http://enashipai.com

- Rates: Offer different packages for their clients: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze (Currently the site has no info on this


13: Nairobi Safari Walk

- Location: It is located off Lang’ata Road about 7km from the city center. Aside from the wide range of wildlife such as buffalos and gazelles, there is sufficient space for the couple and friends.

- Contact Details: 020-2587435, Website: http://www.kws.org/parks/education/nairobi_safariwalk.html

- Rates:

14. Lang’ata Botanical Gardens

- Location: great venue for environmental enthusiast because of its natural blend of trees and flowers that even scales down the need for other decorations

- Contact Details

- Rates:

15. Marula Manor

marula manor wedding

- Location: It is located in Karen, a short distance from the shopping center.

- Contact Details: 254-020-4451374, +254-020-3000898

- Rates:

16. Dinham Gardens

- Location: Dinham Resort Garden is located 15 km from The Village Market, 50 metres from Kentmere Club Tigoni Limuru Road.

- Contact Details: Mobile: 0712 248 852, Tel:20 204 417, Website: http://www.dinhamgardens.com

- Rates: Talked to a lady by the name of Elizabeth (the owner) and she told me the grounds are going for 75,000/=. For weddings taking place on the months of Jan/Feb/March one gets a discount of 10% off the price while for May/June/July one get a 5% discount.

17. Jaffrey’s club-James Gichuru

jaffery sports club wedding

- Location:

- Contacts:

- Rates:

18. Loreto Convent School, Valley Rd

loreto convent valley rd wedding

- Location: Located along Bishop Rd, at 3rd Ngong Avenue next to the Israel Embassy, Valley road. On school days the grounds are used by kids to play and is separated from the main area of the school (Our wedding was held here)

- Contact Details: 020-2720716, 020-2721724, 020 -2726611, 0724 921634

- Rates: They charge 35,000 for the grounds. You will have to sign a contract. To use their chapel you have to be a catholic

19. Loreto Convent School, Msongari

loreto convent msongari wedding

- Location: Located in Lavington area. When coming from town, take the left turn just after ABC place, Waiyaki way. Go for about 300 meters then take a left turn to the school.

- Contact Details: 4448480/ 4449518, Mobile: 0729 041 294 , 0736 945 045, Telkom Wireless: 020 201 0 41

- Rates: 25,000/= for the grounds + 5000 (refundable) + 2500 (cleanup)= 32,500/=

20. Nairobi School

- Location: Located off Waiyaki way past ABC place. Huge tracts of fields to conduct wedding events.

- Contact Details;

- Rates:

21: KCB Sports Club

- Location:

- Contact Details:

- Rates:

22. All African Conference of Churches

- Location: Located along Waiyaki Way, opposite the new Safaricom House.I have attended a wedding here and the grounds are not that big but can hold a sizable crowd of about 300

- Contact Details: (254 -20) 4441483, 4441338/9 Fax: (254-20) 4443241/4445835

- Rates:

23. African International University, Karen (Former NEGST)

- Location: Located on 53 acres of land in Karen. when coming from Langata Rd, go all the way up to Karen and once you reach the roundabout, continue going up (dont take a left or right turn on the roundabout) until you reach the university.

- Contact Details: 020-2603664, 0725 841885,


24. Florienta Gardens


Credit: DoctorWho @ Flickr.com

- Location: Located off Limuru rd

- Contact Details:

- Rates:

25. Kentmere Gardens

kentmere gardens wedding

- Location: Located in Tigoni, 25 minutes away from the city center.

- Contact Details: +254 722 345 016,  +254  721 831 576

- Rates:

26: NPC Karen

npc karen

- Location: Driving past Langata rd, the church is located about 500 meters from Nakumatt Galleria .

- Contacts: 0733 520 596, 0725 357 180, 020 272 20 92

- Rates:

27. NPC Valley Rd

npc valley road

- Location: Located along Valley road. Hard to miss it.

- Contacts: + 254 – 20 – 2727 608 / 2729 188 / 2715143, +254 722 – 205 031; +254 733 – 621 899,

- Rates:

28. Cool Breeze Hotel

cool breeze gardens nairobi

- Location:

- Contact Details:

- Rates:

29. Samdove Gardens

samdove wedding nairobi

- Location: The venue is located at Karen near the School of Law.

- Contacts: Contact Office – K.I.C.C Ground Floor, Next to KCB: Tel: 020 2241452/3, 0711 751 111 Website: http://www.samdoveltd.co.ke/

- Rates: Require commitment fee of 50% after signing of contract and 50% balance to be settled before the wedding day. On the event that a couple cancels after making payment a 20% cancellation fee will be levied.  Last minute withdrawals not accepted.

30. East Africa School of Theology, Buruburu:

east africa school of theology

- Location: Its located right next to Mutindwa Market (Mutindwa Stage) Mumias South Road, Phase 4 at Buru Buru Estate, Nairobi. I once attended a wedding at this place. Big grounds comfortable enough to accommodate 600 people. -

- Contacts: Tel: 020-7785562/7783015, 0712-430909/0736-666218 , Website: http://www.east.ac.ke

- Rates:

31. Starehe Boys Center

- Location: The school is located along the General Waruinge Street, Nairobi – Kenya, past Kariokor market and before Pumwani matarnity Hospital.

- Contact: info@stareheboyscentre.ac.ke, Tel: 020 6761221/22/23/24

- Rates:

32. Kenya School Of Law-Karen

kenya school of law

- Location: The school is located along Langata-South Road, Karen. The grounds are big and can hold large number of people

- Contacts: Wireless: (+254 20) – 2699581,2699582, 2699583, 2699584, 2699585, 2699586 LANDLINES: (+254 20) – 8891399, 8891200, 8890044, 8890094. To call them free, SMS to 4991

Website: http://www.ksl.ac.ke/

- Rates: FULL payment is required in advance before one can make reservations for the grounds. Couples are allowed to set-up 1 day before the wedding.

33. Steadmak Grounds, Karen

steadmak wedding grounds

- LocationThis is a new place that was launched in August in 2012. It located off Langata road on your way to Karen past Nakumatt Prestige. After you pass NPC Karen move about 200 meters and you will see a dirt road on the right hand side. A sign post indicating Steadmak will lead you to the location

-Contact: Maina at 0733828087

- Rates: 100,000/=(inclusive of wedding grounds plus photo session grounds.) There is a kitchen made for the caterers to prepare food for the guests plus clean washrooms both for adults and children. They require 65% of the total amount to book. Talked to the Maina guy and he said the fee can be discussed.

34. Marist International College -

maristi nternational college

- Location: This college is located in Karen off Langata road. I have attended a wedding at this place and it has a huge ground that hosts weddings and other events.

- Contacts: 020 2012787/97, W: www.miuc.ac.ke

- Rates:

35. Tayiana Gardens, Kiambu Rd

tayiana gardens

- Location: Located at Garden Estate Ridgeways, Near Windsor Golf & Country Club.

- Contacts: +254 0714 547720, +254 0722 580727, http://www.tayiana.com

 - Rates:

36. Evergreen Park and Garden

evergreen park wedding

- Location: It is located on Kiambu Road about six kilometers off from Muthaiga Police Station. The place can cater upto 1000 people in theater setup or up to 500 people in restaurant set up. The site overlooks the  ‘’lake’’

- Contacts:

- Rates:

(Working on these..)

37. College Of Insurance South C


- Location: Located in South C area of Nairobi, off Mombasa Road

- Contacts: Tel : +254 (20) 6005601, 254 20 6005605, http://www.coi.ac.ke

- Rates:

38. Serena Hotel

serene hotel wedding2

- Location: Located opposite All Saints Cathedral along Kenyatta Avenue

- Contacts: Tel: (+254) 20 2822000/20313800

- Rates: They offer a complete package.  More on this page: http://www.serenahotels.com/serenanairobi/weddings-en.html. Currently website does not give much information on the rates so i called them

39. Jockey Club-Ngong Race Course

jockey club ngong road

Credit: Mydestination.com

- Location: Jockey club of Kenya is located along Ngong road in Nairobi

- Contacts: 0708 299 048, 0733 777 417/0722 414 598, Website: http://www.jockeyclubofkenya.com/

- Rates:

40. Rock City Gardens

rock city gardens nairobi

- Location: Rock City gardens is located on Coffee Garden Rd off Kiambu Rd, Muthaiga North

- Contacts: Tel: John Njuguna – 0724 464805, 0721 444144; Esther – 0722 819519 or 0708 564888Website: http://www.rockcitygardens.co.ke/

- Rates: The offer different packages to suit various needs of their clients;  Standard Package, Silver Package, Premium Package They dont just offer the grounds but combine with other services that includes decoration


If you know of other wedding grounds, please do send me an email through the contact form below and I will look them up, call them and add their rates/details on this site.