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The exchange of rings is an age old tradition in many marriage ceremonies all over the world. Even though cheap and expensive bands serve the purpose, a recent trend towards luxurious wedding celebrations has seen many couples budgeting for pricey Kenya wedding rings. This has led to an increase in the number of jewelers in the country, designs as well as a rush to find precious stones that most people have ignored for the longest time.

What you should know about carat size?

Carat is a unit to measure for precious stones us as diamond. Plainly speaking, 1 carat diamond is 0.2grams. Most people go for smaller diamonds because they are easily available and cheaper. Essentially, smaller diamonds are ideal especially for women because the smaller the fingers, the larger the diamond appears.

Pure gold contains 24 karat. There are different colors of gold such as white and yellow. However, since working with pure gold is tedious since it is too soft, jewelers mix it with other metals such as copper. Hence, you can get bands which contain platinum and gold, silver and gold or even copper and gold. The amount of gold in the band gives the measure of karat in it.

Kenya Wedding Rings Designs

You can customize any design to fit what you and your partner need. This means you should contact the jeweler in advance to look through some designs and select the best. This meeting also sets the stage for price negotiations so that the customized band can fit your budget. The traditional design popular with couples across the world is the dome shape. It is simple and can work for men and women.

This design works with any precious metal whether gold, diamond or even silver. It also fits the wardrobe of most people without raising attention. Solitaire designs are preferred for women, and they are mostly associated with engagement ceremonies. However, a couple can settle for solitaire nuptial bands for the woman. A flat design is suitable for men. It has squared edges instead of the common rounded sides.

The bands can also be patterned with two precious metals. For instance, the jeweler can weave yellow gold and silver together to give a patterned band with two shades of silver and yellow. The design can also incorporate gemstones or other stones fixed on the face of the band. Other ideas include a knot, braid, tone or wave design around the ring. You can settle for a combination of different precious metals. For instance, you can go for platinum and gold, diamonds and gemstones or even silver and gemstones.

 How Much Do Kenya Wedding Rings Cost?

The price varies across the region. Most importantly, the prices difference arises from the quantity of precious metal used. Large diamonds are more costly than smaller ones. More so, gemstones are cheaper than pure gold. Some couples spend as much as sh80, 000 while others go for cheaper silver or gold bands for sh4, 000. Therefore, the amount you wish to spend controls the quality of precious stones in your band.

kenya wedding ring

Secondly, the color, clarity and cut of diamond influence its price. Color ranges between E-H are good and cheaper than D which is pure and more expensive or Z which is discolored. Clarity means there are fewer impediments in the diamond, and this attracts a higher price. Up town jewelers are more costly because of the type of clients they deal with. However, you can request for a customized ring based on the amount you wish to spend.

Be wary of black market jewelers because you might get a fake product that begins to discolor a few weeks after the wedding celebration irrespective of the amount of money you paid for it.

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